The basic information about arrival, transport and accommodation is prepared in a nice form by the Charles University and should be sent to you from the University international office. If that is not the case, you can find the information booklet he​re.

This booklet covers the essentials of your arrival, accommodation, residence permit and health insurance. A more detailed section about public transport systems can be found here.

If you applied for a dorm at Charles University, you will most likely be living at one of the following dorms: Hvězda, Větrník or Hostivař. In cooperation with the dorms, ESN CU Prague prepared a leaflet, which contains the most important information regarding your accommodation. You can find the leaflet for each dorm attached below:

Hvězda dorm
address: Zvoníčkova 1927/5, Praha 
info booklet: HERE

Na Větrníku dorm
address: Na Větrníku 1932/18, Praha
info booklet: HERE

Hostivař dorm
address: Weilova 1144/2, Praha
info booklet: HERE

Also, we recommend you to read the information about the entry formalities here.