Useful information for international students due to COVID-19 situation and where you can find more:

European Commission released practical guidelines for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps participants.
main points:
- students can receive reimbursement for extraordinary costs and this is evaluated case by case from the National Agencies and Higher Education Institutions (universities)
- Postponement of Erasmus+ traineeships for recent graduates up to 18 months
- Continuation of the Erasmus+ mobility regardless of the geographical location (remote learning and ECTS recognition)
- Postponement for Erasmus+ ongoing calls
- Prolongation of ongoing Erasmus+ projects

Also, you can see the FAQ list made by the European Commission…/eras…/resources/coronavirus-impact_en


What does ESN do?
We are volunteers - students and alumni - helping international students who came to Prague for their Erasmus exchange. We help them get used to being in a new city and make new friends by organising plenty of events for them as well as being there for their questions about life in Prague.

When are the next office hours?
You can always check out our social media for up-to-date information about office hours.

How to get to our office? 
The office is located at Hybernská 4. Our office might be a bit tricky to find as more student clubs and also a café, a gallery, and the Library of Things are situated at the same address. 

The exact location of our office is marked by the yellow star. There are two doors that you can use to enter our building, but usually only one of them is open. From the street, you have to get to the yard. The first entrance is by the outside stairs that you can see on your left. The second way is through the inside stairs that you can find when you open the door situated at number two.



How can I find accommodation in Prague
You can live in a dormitory or find a shared apartment. If you decide to find an apartment, you can search through some Facebook groups or look at websites like or

More information about accommodation (including information about CU´s dormitories) can be found at CU´s website:


What is the difference between ISIC card and CU Student card? 
The CU Student card is free of charge. The ISIC is not free of charge, but entitles you to plenty of additional discounts (for instance in some book shops, cinemas, big on-line electronics stores, or fast food/restaurant chains) and, most importantly, a 75% discount on both the Prague public transport system’s coupons and other public transport tickets throughout the country. If you ask us, it is worth it to have an ISIC, as it’s a lot of discounts for just a little extra money.

You can read more about the types of student cards here:


Is there a canteen at Charles University? 
Actually, there are six university canteens you can go to:

Don’t be confused if you find more in a list or map - there are some more, but they are unfortunately currently under reconstruction.


What should I do when I need a doctor? 

In case you will get sick, there is an emergency in every hospital. So the best way is to find a hospital near you. Also if you live near Hostivař, you can contact MUDr. Květoslava Vernerová (+420 274 869 934). She also accepts foreign students. 

The list of public hospitals in Prague:

  • Nemocnice na Homolce (Praha 5) +420 257 271 111
  • Nemocnice na Františku (Praha 1) +420 222 801 111
  • Poliklinika Palackého (Praha 1) +420 251 116 600
  • Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze (Praha 1) +420 224 961 111
  • Fakultní Thomayerova nemocnice s poliklinikou (Praha 1) +420 261 081 111
  • Nemocnice Podolí gynekologie a porodnice (Praha 1) +420 296 511 111
  • Fakultní nemocnice v Motole s poliklinikou (Praha 5) +420 224 431 111
  • Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady (Praha 10) +420 267 161 111


My Ryanair validation on their website doesn’t work, what should I do? 
For the Ryanair discount, you have to register your ESNcard on Then you have to log in to Ryanair and go to ERASMUS column and fill in your personal details. You have to make sure that your personal details are the same as you have in your ESNcard registration. 


Jsem česká student a jedu na Erasmus, můžu dostat ESNcard od vás?
(I’m a Czech student going on Erasmus to a different country, can I get the ESN card from ESN CU Prague?)

Na základě dohody ESN International ESNcard vydává vždy výhradně hostující ESN sekce, to znamená, že ji student dostane až při příjezdu do destinace od místního ESN.
(Based on an agreement with ESN International, the ESNcard is always issued by the ESN section of the hosting country, meaning that the student can get it upon their arrival at their Erasmus stay destination.)


Useful links: 

Honest guide
Janek Rubeš as an Honest Guide is doing great videos about Prague and the Czech Republic in general. He can show you tourist traps, cheap places to eat or places that are worth visiting. We really recommend watching some of these videos! 

Use-It Map
Use-it Maps are free maps made by locals. We are sure that some of you might have heard about it. For those who haven’t, check the link and you can find pretty cool places to visit and some cool local tips as well. Also, you can download it as a map.