Exchange in the Times of Corona: Interview 2, part 2

This week me and Mathilde are finishing up the whole interview series delving into topics such as having to leave your host country overnight and then getting stranded anyway, deliberating who Erasmus during these times is and isn’t for, but also realising just

Exchange in the Times of Corona: Interview 2, part 1

This and next week an interview with Mathilde, an English major from Denmark and my wonderful flatmate from Stirling, will bring us on another journey.

Exchange in the Times of Corona: Interview 1, part 2

Welcome to the second part of my 2x2 interview series. I am interviewing two friends I’ve met on exchange in 2020 and we’re all about the ins and outs, the juicy bits of studying abroad during covid times.

Exchange in the Times of Corona: Interview 1, part 1

In the following weeks our blog section will bring you a ‘2x2’ series of candid interviews regarding anything and everything connected to going on exchange during the times of Covid-19.

Prague (and the Czech Republic) in the Times of COVID-19: A Guide

We are well aware that exchange during the current times poses challenges many of us have never had to deal with, which is why we’re bringing you this guide.

Life in One Suitcase

How Little You Actually Need – Exchange Edition

8 Tips: How to enjoy your time in Prague despite COVID

8 tips on How to enjoy your time in Prague despite COVID

So you came to Prague to have an amazing Erasmus experience and now you feel like you can't do almost anything? This article is for you then! We're really sorry that you can't enjoy parties or go to nice cafés right now and we hope that it will be possible soon. But at least for now, we came up with eight ideas on what you still CAN DO and how to use your time on your Erasmus exchange. We hope you'll enjoy Prague as much as possible!

Erasmus in Prague and COVID restrictions

Although you may be thinking that your choice to go for Erasmus to Prague this semester was not entirely smart idea, don’t let yourself get into depression and try to gain from this difficult situation the maximum of experiences, knowledge and n

We promised something huge is coming, and here it is!

In these difficult times, when we have a feeling that the whole world has stopped functioning, we are happy to bring something new and fresh to see the light of day.  It is my greatest pleasure to announce that ESN Charles University is adopting the new visual identity of ESN AI

‘I Protect You, You Protect Me’: The Importance of Face Masks

At ESN CU Prague we are fully aware of what a turn international students’ lives have taken over the past few weeks...truth to be told, whose life hasn’t?

Czech Easter Traditions

You might have noticed that Czech culture is full of traditions and festivities and their origins can sometimes be traced back so far that it is not even sure where they actually came from!

Five Ideas to Help You Overcome the Home-bound Boredom

The world can sometimes be a strange place and it might happen so that we are all asked to stay home in order to stay safe. But after making five cups of tea and watching three hours of youtube videos, the boredom might start to creep in on you. This is why we’re bringing you a few tips on how to fight it.

Why join ESN?

(Whether you have just returned from an Erasmus or have never been on one.)

Czech Christmas

Czech Christmas might be very different to the Christmas you celebrate back home. Did you know that we open the presents already on the 24th and not on the 25th? And actually, do you know who brings presents to Czech children? Read more and find out!

17 November: Struggle for Freedom and Democracy/International Students’ Day…

…and Why Is It Arguably the Most Important Holiday of the Year for Us (Upcoming Czech Holidays During the Autumn Season and How the Locals Celebrate Them, part 2)

If you have read our article about 28 October, you might remember the mention of Jan Opletal and what his tragic death sparked – so let us have a closer look at what happened next and how it affected our history.

28 October - What Is It All About?

Independent Czechoslovak State Day (Upcoming Czech Holidays During the Autumn Season and How the Locals Celebrate Them, part 1)

28th October is one of a series of both national and unofficial holidays that mark the autumn season in the Czech
Republic. Throughout the following weeks, we will bring you a series of articles about why do we celebrate
these holidays, in what ways we celebrate them and, most importantly, what do they mean to Czech people.
So, without further ado, let us begin with 28 October.

Events You Shouldn't Miss in October


Where: All over Prague, mostly the centre (the locations are right one the website homepage)
When: 10 October – 13 October
Price: mostly free – an outdoor event; some installations and events require a ticket (200-300 CZK depending on the venue combination)

ESN CU Prague recommends - The best Prague gardens and parks

Hello there, guys!

 Warm sunny days finally arrive here, you are for sure eager to spend as much time outside as you possibly can. Finding a pleasant park where you can sit in the sun for a while might not be too difficult a thing – Prague is well-known for its vast number of parks and squares. But to make your experience even more pleasant and fascinating, we have prepared for you a list of the most beautiful parks in Prague which are perfect for both hang-outs with friends and spending time on your own.

Enjoy your Erasmus to the fullest

Enjoy your Erasmus in Prague to the fullest

The best part about being an Erasmus student is that you can enjoy the city in the time of the day when most of the people are in the office. Take an advantage of the empty morning streets and go out for a proper breakfast. No matter you are a morning person or not, breakfast is always a good idea of what to do.

In this article we will show you four places worth a visit. Get ready to have a breakfast in Prague!

ESN CU Prague recommends - The best Cafes

Hey there, coffee lovers!

We all know that coffee is one of the things no student can get along without. No doubt, back at home you have your favorite coffee house where they serve the best lattes and the tastiest cookies. Lucky for you, Prague has an abundance of cozy cafes which you might have not yet visited. Therefore, here is a list of five cafes and coffee shops in Prague which we hope you will love as much as we do.