During the weekend of the Welcome Week, we have prepared some fun day trips around the Czech Republic so you can discover its beauties!


Please note that it is necessary to pay for these trips in advance in our office.


You might wonder how to take part? Very simple! We go by the FIRST COMES FIRST GOES rule. In the registration form, you can choose the city you would like to visit. Please note that this does not secure your spot and it does not mean you are registered. We just need your data in advance so that we are faster in the registration process in the office. You can secure your spot by coming to our office during office hours and pay for your spot. Please note that we accept cash only.



BRNO - SATURDAY, 2nd of October

Let’s explore the second largest Czech city together! Spend one day with us in Brno, the capital city of Moravia region. On our visit we will see so-called “The Prison of Europe”, Špilberk Castle, which almost guards the city from the hill above Brno. We will also have a great lunch in a local restaurant after which we will visit the Brno Ossuary and an underground labyrinth.  We will finish our walk in the amazing city center full of interesting architecture.

300 CZK

includes transportation and entrance fees


LIBEREC - SATURDAY, 2nd of October

Join us for a trip to Liberec - a perfect trip for all fans of science and for all the people that enjoy discovering new things. We will visit the North Bohemian Museum, which is one of the largest museums in the Czech Republic, full of valuable collections of applied arts. Apart from culture, we will have a ride in a funicular and visit the dominant of the city - Ještěd tower where you can see a stunning view of the whole city. Join another unforgettable trip with ESN,  you won't regret!

350 CZK

includes transportation and entrance fees



KUTNÁ HORA - SATURDAY, 2nd of October

Join us and explore an old mining town Kutná Hora, belonging to UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will start the tour visiting the Sedlec Ossuary, which contains skeletons of 40 000 up to 70 000 people and it’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. We will then move on to the city center and have a delicious lunch at Dačický beerhouse (lunch is organised but you pay yourself on the spot; around 300 CZK with frinks). After lunch break, we’ll visit the medieval mines Kutna Hora is famous for. Wearing the traditional clothing of miners, you’ll have the chance to witness the life of a miner of the 14th Century. (Please be aware that this activity  is not suitable for people with any form of claustrophobia - the mines are very narrow!) We will finish our tour around the city with a guided tour in one of the city's biggest jewels - the St. Barbara’s Church.

400 CZK

includes transportation and entrance fees

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt kutna hora


PILSEN - SUNDAY, 3rd of October

Together we will make a trip to the city of beer - Pilsen. The medieval city has a lot more to offer than just it´s famous breweries which you will visit. You will also see the historical city centre and take you to the most remarkable places in the metropolis of the Western Bohemia such as the biggest Jewish synagogue in Europe. Later we will continue to the Museum of puppets. After lunch in a typical Czech restaurant we will take you to the most famous czech brewery – brewery of Pilsner Urquell. Of course you will have a chance to taste the beer directly in the brewery.

500 CZK

includes transportation and entrance fees

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt plzen


KARLOVY VARY - SUNDAY, 3rd of October

If you want to enjoy a day in one of the most beautiful spa towns in the Czech Republic, do not miss the opportunity to go to Karlovy Vary! This amazing city in the western part of our country is full of beautiful architecture and colonnades, and also has several mineral springs to drink. It is the place of origin of our most famous alcoholic drink Becherovka! You will have a chance to see most of the city, including the Museum of Becherovka and the tower with scenic views of the city. Please, mind that lunch is not included in the price!

400 CZK

includes transportation and entrance fees

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt karlovy vary


KARLŠTEJN - SUNDAY, 3rd of October

Join us for a one-day trip to Karlštejn - a medieval castle from the 14th century, one of the most famous and most frequently visited castles in Czech Republic. Our trip will begin with a Karlštejn guided tour held in English. Later on, after lunch break, we will explore the magnificent nature around and to Big America „Czech Grand Canyon“. Take comfortable shoes and waterproof clothes in case of bad weather conditions.

300 CZK

includes transportation and entrance fees






the cliff walls.