Where: All over Prague, mostly the centre (the locations are right one the website homepage)
When: 10 October – 13 October
Price: mostly free – an outdoor event; some installations and events require a ticket (200-300 CZK depending on the venue combination)
What is it: Signal Festival is a yearly outdoor Prague videomapping event – you might already have spotted some of it as it started on Friday. This year’s edition is focused on the thirty-year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution (upcoming on 17 November) and on the accompanying topics of liberty and life in the modern world.


Where: Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice and more
When: 17 October – 21 October
Price: 200 CZK for students for the whole week
What is it: The Holešovice exposition palace will get turned into the main location of many design expositions including fashion, accessories, product and graphic design. There will be other galleries, showrooms and pop- up venues across Prague to help accommodate this huge design and fashion festival.


Where: the Lucerna Cinema and more
When: October – early December
Price: Single-movie tickets are around 120-150 CZK and there are also passes for some of the festivals (ca 500 CZK)
What is it: A series of festivals in the famous and beautiful Lucerna Cinema that will offer movies from: Germany and Austria, Italy, the francophone countries, Australia and New Zealand, and the Scandinavian countries as well as a queer film festival.


Where: Prague
When: 16 October – 20 October
Price: The tickets are free but must be RESERVED in advance via the website and you can choose to make a donation that will go to the next year’s funds.
What is it: An annual literature festival (however, there are also some movies), this year based around the quote: ‘Beauty will save the World’. Besides the movies, it will, of course, offer readings, discussions and some gala events – all those in very interesting locations.

And last (but definitely not least!) – our very own ESN events:


Where: TBD
When: 22 October
Price: free
Event: soon at our FB page
What is it: One of our regular events – an evening movie screening.

Football Match: Slavia - Příbram

Where: Eden Stadium
When: 19 October
Price: 310 CZK
What is it: If you are a football fan you shouldn't miss some of the matches where Slavia is playing - one of our best football teams. 

Ice-Hockey Match

Where: O2 Arena
When: 20 October
Price: 200 CZK (only in pre-sale)
What is it: We are pretty much ice-hockey nation. But I think you've already heard about that so why not come to see a hockey match with us? 


Where: Will be send by e-mail after registration
When: 24 October; 7 PM to 10 PM
Price: just the drinks ;)
Event: soon at our FB page
What is it: It’s just what it says – a quiz… in a pub, got that right! Come for a drink or two and a lot of fun while putting your knowledge to the test.


Where: P.M. Club
When: 31 October
Price:  at the venue 100 CZK /pre-sale 100 CZK (ticket + bloody welcome drink)
What is it: The Biggest costume party of the year! What else you need to hear? Definitely not to be missed!

Lenka Kalvodová, 12 October 2019