Have you just got back home from your study abroad semester but still want to surround yourself with international community? Maybe you also miss speaking another language or just want to make your Erasmus experience last a little longer. It is not always easy to return to your home university after having lived such a life-changing experience that Erasmus is. That's the moment when the most people join ESN!


However, there are many amongst us who haven’t been on Erasmus and yet are active in ESN - there is plenty of motivation from this perspective, too! Maybe you aren’t sure whether you want to take part in a study abroad program and you want to tap into it lightly from the other side, so you decide to join your local ESN. Well, trust us, soon you are going to go from ‘just tapping into it’ to organising your first events, writing your first articles, running around with a camera and excitedly discussing your ideas at team meetings. There is almost a spell that the ESN casts on you, not letting you go - but it’s more than alright, because the chances are good that you’ll want to stay once you get a taste of the ESN atmosphere!


Joining ESN helps you realise what your priorities are and what you really want from your student life - and perhaps even from your professional life. You can try many new things! Do you want to gain some experience in HR? Would you like to try to organise an event? Or would you prefer joining our Communication team? It's nice to expand your CV, isn't it? And if you don't feel like doing any of these things, but still want to keep in touch with international students, you can join our Buddy program. It's a great way to make new friends and practice languages. In  ESN, we insist on letting everyone try anything they want, so that we can all find out more about what makes us happy and get even better in those domains.


That means you can not only meet international students and get to know new cultures while staying in your own country, but you can also meet new friends among other ESN members. ‘United in diversity’ is one of the ESN’s mottos and it is true even for the local ESN sections - from different faculties, with different preferences, but with one interest in common, the ESN is a diverse group of people who unite their efforts because they share views of what is important for them. So why don't you join and meet some like-minded people?


By joining ESN you get the opportunity to organise and be part of cool events like trips (including international ones), parties, or regular events like pub quizzes and language cafés. 


So what are you waiting for? Just fill out our application form and make some awesome memories with us!


Barbora Cypriánová, Lenka Kalvodová
24 January 2020