The world can sometimes be a strange place and it might happen so that we are all asked to stay home in order to stay safe. But after making five cups of tea and watching three hours of youtube videos, the boredom might start to creep in on you. This is why we’re bringing you a few tips on how to fight it.

1. Use this time to do something you’ve always wanted to do
Have you always wanted to read more books but didn't have time for it? Now you can make yourself a cup of tea and read as many books as you want!
And why not practise yoga, for instance? You can try it by yourself when nobody’s watching and when this whole situation and your yoga skills get better, who knows, you might find a new hobby and take up yoga classes! You can start now with YouTube videos or even live yoga classes.
Are you hungry after all this reading and yoga practising? Well, why don´t you cook something? Cooking is another notorious activity we usually don't have much time for, let’s admit it. Now you have the time to find the most delicious recipes and try them. And trust us, the food you cook by yourself always tastes the best!

2. Learn something new
There are so many online courses you can choose from. You can learn new languages or take some online courses on marketing, leadership or whatever it is that you are interested in! And if you don't feel like doing a whole online course, you can instead opt for individual educational videos that you find interesting, for instance Ted Talks, which are even available in most languages now, not just in English.

3. Be creative!
Find the creative part of your soul we all used to have as children but most of us lost it growing up. Draw, write, sing, practise playing a musical instrument you still have but forgot how to play. Who knows, you might become the new Picasso or remember how well you could play your guitar when you were younger.

4. Relax
There's never been a better time for watching Netflix or allowing yourself to have a nap in the afternoon. If you feel like being more active, you can even go for a walk or a short run! If you decide to do so, just be careful and keep your distance from other people.

5. Schedule some screen-downtime
While we are all grateful for the option of staying connected with the rest of the world and especially our loved ones in the context of not being able to meet in person, it is important not to get too overwhelmed by the screens around ourselves. So don’t forget about balancing that study (read: Netflix) time by staring at something else for a while to give your eyes and brain a break. However, even if you get bored of naps and have read all your physical books, you can be creative with technology, too. You can put on a podcast, so that you get the content while relaxing your eyeballs a bit. Or if interviews and TedTalks are more of your jazz, try putting them on and having a stretch or (wink wink) cleaning your room.

Bonus: Join an online event
Every cloud has a silver lining and we at ESN CU Prague are channeling all our creativity into coming up with new types of activities for you, which is why you can be looking forward to online renditions of some of your favourite events. So, we encourage you to stay tuned! :)

Keep calm, don’t panic, reflect on life and use this time to do things you normally don't have time for. We hope as much as you do that this situation won't take long and that we will see you soon!

On behalf of ESN CU Prague
Barbora Cypriánová, Lenka Kalvodová
17 March 2020