8 tips on How to enjoy your time in Prague despite COVID

So you came to Prague to have an amazing Erasmus experience and now you feel like you can't do almost anything? This article is for you then! We're really sorry that you can't enjoy parties or go to nice cafés right now and we hope that it will be possible soon. But at least for now, we came up with eight ideas on what you still CAN DO and how to use your time on your Erasmus exchange. We hope you'll enjoy Prague as much as possible!

Send postcards or letters

We hope that you're staying in touch with your friends and family via your phone. But have you thought about sending them a postcard with a beautiful picture of Prague or a letter longer than all of your text messages combined? It would be a great way to use your free time, wouldn't it? Take that time and surprise your favourite people by writing something nice to them by hand!

Learn new information

There are so many online courses and educational videos that can broaden your horizons. Learn something new about graphic design or online marketing, watch interesting videos about psychology or try a new language.


If you want to take a break from staring at computer screen or your phone, cooking is a great way to do that! Why don't you try to cook that meal you always order at a restaurant but have never cooked yourself? If you feel like it, you can even try to cook something typically Czech! If you do so, don't forget to send us a picture!

Read books

We believe that this is a great time to read all the books you've always wanted to read but didn't have time to do so. You can of course watch all the movies and series you haven't seen too, but we believe giving yourself a break from all that screens is better after all the online classes and video calls.

Walk Prague

Prague is still a beautiful city. That hasn't changed. Go for walk to the Old Town and enjoy it not being crowded with tourists. Or go to a park if you want a bit more nature, there are beautiful parks like Petřín, Riegrovy sady, Stromovka or Divoká Šárka to name a few. And if you feel like jogging, even better!

Have your own private party with your favourite songs

Do you feel stressed and just don't want to think about anything? Just turn on your favourite music, sing along and dance like no one's watching! Well, if you do this in your room, there's really no one watching. Bonus! We guarantee this reduces stress levels like nothing else!

Write a journal or blog

This is a great time to start journaling. It's a good way to remember everything that happened but also to stay connected with yourself, let your thoughts out of your head and clear your mind. And if you want to share your feelings and experience from Prague with others, you could even start a blog! Trust us, your Erasmus experience this semester is quite unique. We're pretty sure many people would be interested in how it is being abroad at these difficult times.

Learn a new card game or play board games with your roommates

If you have roommates, why don't you find something fun to do together? There's always that one person who brought playing cards or some board games, so just go ahead and try one!


On behalf of ESN CU Prague

Barbora Cypriánová

20th October 2020