Dear friends,
we are very excited to welcome you all in Prague! 
As your arrival and the Orientation Week approach, many of you have lots of questions. Please note that the answer to most of your questions is to be found on our website in the Orientation Week section.
Let us address the most common ones: 

1. When and how can I apply for the Orientation week? Is it open for everyone? 
Yes, the Orientation Week is for all incoming international students that will study at the Charles University. However, some activities have limited capacity and you will have to sign up for them. The registration is not opened yet – it will be available a couple of days before the start of the Orientation Week. We will publish the registration form on our website, facebook page and it will also be sent to you via our welcome newsletter, where you can find all the additional information. 

2. What should I do after I register in the Buddy Programme? 
After you submit your application, you will appear on a list from which our Czech Buddies pick their students. It can take a while sometimes, so please be patient. Believe that we are doing our absolute best to make sure we provide a Buddy to as many of you as possible.

3. Where can I find accommodation?
All students can be accommodated in a dormitory provided by the Charles University. You will find more information about that in the Accommodation section. If you're searching for a private flat, you can check out, a partner of Erasmus Student Network, providing trustworthy short-term accommodation. It's also possible to join the groups like "Flatshare in Prague" etc., but be careful – certain people sometimes try to take advantage of foreign students.

4. How about a SIM card?
Thanks to the partnership between Erasmus Student Network CZ and Vodafone, we offer you SIM cards for free. The pre-paid SIMcard especially designed for incoming foreign students includes a bundle with 3 GB and unlimited SMS within the Vodafone CZ network per month within a 50% discount for next 6 months. The monthly cost is 175 CZK. Find more info here. Important: you can pick up a SIM card from the beginning of the Orientation Week on, not before because the office is closed.

5. What if I want an ESNcard?
We offer ESNcards for all incoming international studens, you can learn more about its benefits here. Same as for SIM cards though: you can pick it up in our office from the beginning of the Orientation Week on, not before because the office is closed. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to get an ESNcard before your arrival to Prague :(

6. So when will your office open?
We understand that some of you are arriving to Prague early. But since we are very busy preparing the most awesome Orientation Week for you, the office is closed until its start - that is on 12. 2. During the Orientation Week on the other hand, the office will be open every day. For the rest of the semester, the office hours will be twice a week. So you will have plenty of opportunities to visit us :)

Should you have any more questions, we are always at your disposal on our Facebook and our email: for general quetions and for questions about the Buddy Programme.

Thank you and see you soon in Prague!