Locked in Prague is an escape game close to the city centre. It is a perfect way to test your logical thinking, your ability to notice details and solve riddles. They offer two escape rooms:

Operation Anthropoid

It is the 27th of May 1942 and Europe is in the midst of the biggest war conflict of all times. It has been five months since the first transport to concentration camp Terezín, the Germans are approaching Stalingrad and in Prague, the Reich Protector Heydrich was just assassinated. The Secretary of State K. H. Frank orders a night curfew and the Gestapo is readyto arrest anybody looking even a little bit suspicious. The whole city trembles in fear...


Is this a bad dream, or can you really hear these endless voices? Is it in your imagination or has the world lost its balance? Is it a dream or reality? It is insomnia...

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Locked in Prague